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Return to your home, and declare how much God has done for you.” And he went away, proclaiming throughout the whole city how much Jesus had done for him.
Luke 8:39.
I was raised with Jesus in my life from an early age. But around the age of sixteen, things started to take a turn for the worse.

When I was sixteen I met my best friend for the past ten years. She too had been raised with Jesus in her life, except as a Christian. At the time I was going through a lot because I was a very rebellious child and I often fought with my parents. My friend would take me to her church, and that is where I was first exposed to Christianity. I went to church with her a few times and even witnessed her baptism. Despite the fact that I did like the church I refused at the time to be baptized for some reason.

I had a boy friend at that time. It was a terrible and painful relationship that took me three years to escape out of. The next several years of my life, although I was able to get through college, were very hard years for me. I had lost nearly all my faith. I felt that He (Jesus) was just a prophet out of many and my viewpoints had shifted toward a new age perspective. Another boyfriend I had switched to practiced witchcraft and was also a drug dealer. He spiritually affected me in bad ways that kept my life in a place where no matter how good I did or how big my heart was, I was accosted time and time again with bad consequences. Even after we broke up those spirits remained with me and screwed with my life in many ways. When he finally left me, I was pregnant and had an abortion. I still didn’t stop drinking and smoking weed. I lost my grandmother and my dear uncle. Throughout this time I was pretty much just looking for love in all the wrong places. I needed Jesus so bad but believed so much that I would never believe in him or Christianity after studying in college and convincing myself of my own reasons why Christianity was a negative thing.

For years I sold drugs and spent many nights partying and drinking with people I thought were my friends. Compared to some they are good people but unfortunately were faced with similar challenges as me and acted selfishly in a lot of ways. I had a big heart and took care of whomever I could. Even if my own life was in shambles I would help another any way that I could offer. Many nights I spent crying; many days I would live with this overwhelming pain in my heart that would bring me to tears on a regular basis. I commuted to school an hour away from my house and I can remember countless times that I spent sobbing over this and that, confused and lost.

After I had been saved, I realized that the work they were doing on me was actually sucking my soul and my young energy which was providing them with what appeared to me to be a great lifestyle.

It was during this time I realized that God exists and my friend helped counsel me through this rough time and into being saved. Since then, many things have changed for me. I am off drugs, I no longer go out and party, and no longer desire or feel the need to go back to that lifestyle. Many of my so-called “friends” have disappeared out of my life but the ones that have remained I believe have a chance at being saved at some point and I am thankful to the Lord for that. Now I live my life with Jesus in my heart and I practice and preach his truths everyday. Things are finally starting to get better for me and fall into place where it just wasn’t happening before no matter how hard I tried. All those spirits of witchcraft and anxiety have left me and I am a full-time participating member of a wonderful church, the same one Joy brought me to ten years ago. Truthfully, I have never been happier. Looking over my past, I knew death was chasing me and had I not found Jesus and taken this important step in my life I would be dead whether it be from some horrendous accident or from taking my own life. I am so thankful for my church and the community that I experience there that I have never seen or experienced anywhere else in my life. God has truly blessed me; I am a living testimony of His power and how He can change one’s life in amazing ways. I used to dread my life and now I look forward to it; rich or poor I am always wealthy with the Spirit of the Lord. Thank you merciful Jesus.

- Carla
I’ve turned my life over to Christ. I had several reasons but it started with one simple fact; I was in desperate need of salvation. Starting February 8, 2011, I was in terrible shape, though I wouldn’t admit it to myself. I was lowly, timid, and perverse in thought. Now please don’t judge me for what I have done. Christ accepts sinners and saves us for His glory. At the time I was addicted to alcohol and marijuana. I was single, lonesome, and very social-phobic. I won’t get into too much detail but I began to walk a trail the likes of which I would never wish upon another. I was harassed daily–physically and mentally. I was unable to sleep, bombarded with impure thoughts and threatened to the point of fear. I was hearing voices outside and within my mind, and feeling sensations on parts of myself.

During all this I had several ideas as to what was causing this or what it was. It could have been schizophrenia, demonic activity, gang stalking–but regardless of what may have caused it I needed help. You can probably see why I turned to Jesus. But at the time I didn’t think so. I probably made some bad mistakes but God has a purpose for everything. Before I accepted Christ, I was seeing doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, a psychic, a spiritualist and priests. On many occasions people visited me and spoke with me. My family of course did all they could, and I cherish them more for it now than I did before this happened.

After all the hustle of going from person to person, sometimes more than once, asking how or what they could do to help me, I realized they weren’t able to. At least not as I had hoped. Somehow I just knew Jesus was the only way. He cared so much for me that now I’m no longer afraid; I no longer have this fear I lived with for so long. With good reason. Jesus did what He did.

So now I’m not doubting at all, no matter how the circumstances seem. By God’s grace I can admit I am better today than I was then. And by His grace and power, He allowed me to have and live a normal life. .

- Angel
This is the best thing that god has done for me. I was sick and now I am healed.

- Bob
My parents used to serve the devil and demons possessed me. The Doctors gave up on me and I was going to die. I gave my life to Jesus and He saved me. Now I am a new.

- Jack